Webinar to accountants! How to prepare SR&ED Claims

HOW TO PREPARE SR&ED CLAIMS AND OBTAIN THE CRA’S APPROVAL Course Price: $75.00 Instructor: Richard Moore Number of PD hours: 1.0 We are so excited to welcome the newest instructor to join the AJAG lineup: Richard Moore.  Richard has worked at IBM, Blackberry and Northern Telecom, and founded 6 startups. An Electrical Engineer and MBA from UBC, […]

The CRA plans to reform SR&ED

“The Liberals’ pre-election April budget pledged major capital injections for flagship scale-up and R&D programs, as well as hundreds of millions for strategies to develop the country’s AI, quantum and life-sciences industries.” according to The Logic’s Special Report on October 26, 2021 titled “The cabinet ministers who matter to the innovation economy”.   François-Philippe Champagne […]

Alberta doubles down on SR&ED, if you’re growing fast!

The new “Alberta Innovation Employment Grant” equals to up to 20% of your SR&ED expenditures. Alberta’s previous 10% SR&ED tax credit was eliminated for 2020, and replaced starting in 2021 with a refundable tax credit equal to 8% plus an additional 12% of your company’s average SR&ED-eligible expenditures during its two preceding fiscal periods.

The CRA’s new two requirements: “Why” and “How”

The CRA has changed its policy! It no longer asks 5 questions to determine eligibility. The concepts of Technological Uncertainties, Technology Advancements, and Systematic Investigation remain the 3 central foundations of SR&ED, however the CRA’s internal perspective has changed. These are the CRA’s new buzz-words: The “Why” Requirement: Your work must generate or discover of […]

The local SR&ED department has reawakened!

The CRA is making direct deposits of SR&ED cheques again. Things have been quiet during the past month. However CRA employees are now working from their homes on computers connected through secure connections to the internet. Security risks were recently mitigated by CRA’s IT people who visited some CRA employees’ homes to install “cyber-proof” routers. […]

CRA conducts audits via videoconferences!

Until now the CRA has always conducted audits in person to understand the nature of SR&ED activities performed. Last week one of the CRA’s managers who I worked with many years ago responded to my request to reschedule an audit planned in early April. He told me that, from now on, site visits may be […]

The CRA is approving SR&ED claims quickly during this COVID crisis!

The CRA has decided to release $200 million of SR&ED claim in its approval pipeline, to stimulate the Canadian economy. This notice is posted on the CRA’s website: “For the time being, no new reviews/audits will be started and existing reviews/audits will be completed as soon as possible so that businesses have access to their […]