The local SR&ED department has reawakened!

The CRA is making direct deposits of SR&ED cheques again.

Things have been quiet during the past month. However CRA employees are now working from their homes on computers connected through secure connections to the internet. Security risks were recently mitigated by CRA’s IT people who visited some CRA employees’ homes to install “cyber-proof” routers. Specifics were not disclosed, obviously. The CRA had scheduled at a client’s site in early April, but cancelled. My client and I each received a telephone call from the Financial Reviewer assigned involved to inform us that, instead, its SR&ED claim will be approved! It’ll be “accepted as filed” which, in CRA’s jargon, means no changes or adjustments.

Today the CRA made a direct deposit in my client’s bank account! It took 2 weeks, a speed record for the local bureaucracy to get sign-offs by the managers of two departments, SR&ED and Audit.The CRA’s wheels are turning once again!

Be happy.